intuitive tarot reading

intuitive tarot reading

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We offer 30 min intuitive tarot reading sessions designed to give you insight on aspects of your life that may be troubling.  You can purchase a reading that will be sent to you either in 3-5 days or an expedited reading that you will receive within 24 hours. 


How it works:

01 Each card is an invitation not necessarily what will be or not be.

02 Each card is for you, not to you.

03 There are no “bad” or “good” cards in the Tarot. All cards bring medicine.

04 The present moment is all we have, and that is truly where Tarot lives.


We view each card as an opportunity to grow and expand through life’s challenges and contractions.

-Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the wild soul 




How to receive your intuitive reading: 

  • Purchase 30 min session. 
  • Then go to our Instagram account @radiance__rituals and send direct message including : Your first name and last name, email or cell phone #, date of birth (location and time If you know it)

In your mind, take a moment to think about what is pressing at this time and what you may need answers to. You do not have to share it. Simply feel into your heart and your question.

If you are unsure of your question, that’s fine too. You’re welcome to just use this as a time to see what is showing up for you in this present moment. The cards themselves will work with your subconscious and answer questions you may have been ruminating on. 

Once I pull your cards, I will read them, Interpret them and send you a detailed response via email or phone. You can keep the file so you can resort back to it in the future. 

Look forward to connecting with you

- t